Welcome to my page!

Hi I'm Rick. I am the owner and operator of RMC Moto Service & Repair. Opening my own motorcycle shop has been a life long dream that has come to fruition. I have lived and breathed motorcycles for over 25 years. It's in my blood. I've been working on bikes since the age of 15 and started riding when I was 13.

In addition, I also teach motorcycle safety classes. I am a certified MSF Rider Coach and have been teaching for over nine years. I still do it for pure enjoyment of teaching new riders and encouraging safety.

I raced motorcycles in the AFM organization for five years, which taught me a lot about how to fine tune a motorcycle. Now I am an instructor on race tracks and have worked with world champions from the highest echelons of motorcycle racing: AMA and MotoGP. I am consistently finding ways to advance my knowledge in motorcycle industry. I enjoy working on old school motorcycles as well as new models.

My main goal is to provide optimum quality service for your bike. I enjoy my work and I have a very keen eye for detail. I am straight-forward with diagnosing problems and I will present a few options for customers to get their bike running in tip-top shape.
I look forward to serving your bike soon!